Tomorrow and Tomorrow: Spring 2021

Tomorrow and Tomorrow: Spring 2021

Spring 2021 Contributors:

Ammie Elliott (poetry, fiction)
Andrew Downey (photography)
Andrew Welsh-Huggins (fiction)
Anne E. Reckling (poetry)
Annemarie Brethauer (poetry)
Beth Weinstock (poetry)
Brandon Rogers (poetry)
Christy Brothers (poetry and art)
Gretchen Armstrong (art)
Janet E. Irvin (poetry)
Kristopher Armstrong (fiction)
Lucila Linik (art)
Matt Schwartz (photography)
Megan Mitchell (memoir)
Noah Fischbach (fiction)
Psyche North Torok (poetry)
Sam Pattison (art)
Sasha Mikhail (photography)
Steve Abbott (poetry)
Tami Kamin Meyer (poetry)
Tara DeFrancisco (poetry)
Tom Maier (memoir)
Uku Hughes (fiction)

    Our inaugural issue, exploring themes of pandemic experiences, the significance of place (particularly Columbus), and feelings of being "in between." Full-color paperback book, 5.75"x 8.25", 106 pages.


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